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Job Details :

Job Number 4342
Location Portland, OR Pay Rate
Experience 5 to 10 yrs of experience maintaining equipment at a manufacturing facility that operates 24hrs/day, 7 days per week.
Education BS Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent

Job Description


- The ideal candidate would have 5 to 10 years of experience maintaining equipment at a manufacturing facility that operates 24hrs/day, 7 days per week.
- Experience installing new equipment and experience maintaining and/or upgrading older equipment.
- Candidates that have both Electrical/Controls engineering skills and also Mechanical Engineering skills are preferred.
- Local, Oregon/Washington, candidates preferred. BS in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering preferred.

Here is the formal job description:

Position Summary:
This position exists to provide day to day electrical and control systems engineering support for manufacturing, maintenance, and process technology; to provide technical skills necessary for meeting the Business Unit technology and performance goals; and to provide engineering and project management to execute projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

1. Regularly analyzes equipment measures and maintenance activities to initiate continuous improvements for overall equipment effectiveness.
2. Routinely investigates and analyzes engineering problems developing complete solutions which may impact equipment reliability, up-time, yields, capabilities and operating costs. Prepares proposals for funding of projects and manages projects to control results.
3. Routinely selects and controls the efforts of vendors, consultants, and contractors with an impact on cost and performance.
4. Routinely develops and regularly reviews Energy Control Procedures for equipment and support systems. Routinely uses engineering judgment in matters which may affect operating safety and regulatory compliance.

Essential Function/Major Responsibilities:
1. Develop a complete understanding of equipment and support systems in assigned areas. Act as a trainer and certifier for maintenance technicians.
2. Provide daily support to operations. Be aware of equipment status and priority. Monitor the direction and effectiveness of repairs, and provide support as necessary to maintenance.
3. Have a thorough knowledge of hazards and safety concerns for assigned areas. Identify and resolve equipment code, health and safety issues. Develop and review energy control procedures. Act as a resource in relevant areas of the NEC, NFPA 79 and industrial wiring practices.
4. Identify and implement improvements to equipment, maintenance programs and procedures. Maintain a Pareto of failure causes by frequency, cost, and downtime. Monitor trends in technical availability, TTRmax, MTTR and MTBF. Develop and implement predictive maintenance methods. Make improvements to reduce unscheduled downtime and increase reliability of equipment.
5. Develop and review preventative and planned maintenance requirements. Establish initial preventative maintenance tasks and schedules. Review PM's regularly for effectiveness. Identify and schedule planned maintenance activities. Develop procedures where necessary. Review and optimize spare parts requirements.
6. Identify and implement cost reductions. Track and trend the technical spending for assigned equipment. Identify and implement ways to reduce repair costs, qualify alternative spare parts and to reduce consumption of utilities and consumables.
7. Work with process technology to identify and resolve equipment related yield issues. Develop methods to assign causes to yield excursions. Identify key equipment parameters which cause variation and establish SPC for these.
8. Serve as a technical specialist and consultant for the organization analyzing problems and providing state of the art technical solutions. Design / specify electrical and control systems, human machine interfaces, data collection systems and network interfaces for process equipment and support systems. Assist in start-up of new equipment and troubleshooting of existing equipment. Provide control system training for maintenance personnel.
9. Prepare project proposals and request for funding. Organize, direct and control the efforts of cross-functional project teams. Prepare project specifications and scope of work by vendors, consultants, and contractors. Review and select vendors, consultants, and contractors. Monitor and control the execution of projects for cost schedule and performance. Provide regular project reports and forecasts.
10. Provide complete documentation, P.M. schedules and spare parts lists in connection with each project including electrical drawings, component data, I / O list, software listings, and theory of operation.
11. Coordinate the activities and aid in training of Engineers 1 and 2.
12. Participate in special projects, cooperate with other team members and perform other duties as assigned. (secondary)
13. Frequent work in clean rooms and areas where contamination is detrimental to product quality. (secondary)
14. Work occasionally in hazardous areas involving potentially dangerous electrical power, chemical, and stored energy. (secondary)

Position Requirements:
1. B. S. degree in electrical engineering or equivalent.
2. More than four (4) years related industry experience.
3. Advanced and professional knowledge in electrical engineering and experience in diverse areas of engineering.
4. Experience in the specification and design of control systems for automated equipment including all or some of the following areas:
- Branch circuits for equipment and equipment controls
- Motors, motor controls, and motor circuit protection
- Variable speed drives
- Stepper and servo motor controls
- Field devices for sensing, position, level, proximity, and flow
- Human machine interfaces including programmable displays and terminals
- Data collection and network interfaces
5. Experience programming at least one major brand PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Experience developing applications in Wonderware or similar environments.
6. Ability to program in at least one high level language such as Basis, Pascal, C or C++.
7. Familiarity with NEC (National Electrical Code), NFPA 79, and industrial practices for wiring automated production equipment.
8. Ability to organize and lead a major project team.
9. Ability to consider both short and long-term consequences of project implementation.
10. Ability to deal with administrative as well as technical tasks.
11. Ability to communicate complex issues, facilitating discussion, and negotiation.
12. Written and oral communication skills in English.
13. Ability to sit, stand, walk at will, communicate via telephone, & use the computer for various amounts of time throughout the day.

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