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Medical / Dental Benefits

Eligibility :

Lexicon Solutions’ medical benefit package provides you with affordable health insurance that also includes dental, and Rx coverage. Once you have been employed with Lexicon for 30 days you will become eligible for our medical benefits package, which is through Providence Health Plan. Additional opportunities to join the program are available during our open enrollment every June.

Premiums :

Weekly premiums are payroll deducted and are pretax dollars. This program is designed for Lexicon Solutions employees to help with the high cost of medical expenses. Family coverage can be added to your plan for an additional fee.

Medical :

Our medical plan covers doctors office visits, outpatient procedures, hospital stays, and prescription drug coverage. There are small co-pays and deductibles that are assessed during time of service.

Dental :

Our dental plan provides coverage for services with any dental provider. The plan has a $25.00 co-pay and covers a percentage of services. It pays 100% for routine exams, cleanings, x rays and sealants, and fluoride treatments for children.  This plan is through Best Life Insurance.

Life Insurance :

Included in our medical and dental insurance plan is a $25,000 life insurance policy for the employee only.

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