Our Services


Contract-to-hire staffing gives you the best of both worlds between Professional and Contract staffing through on-the-job evaluation of potential employees. Once a contract period has been established, Lexicon will find and place the candidate. After the total number of hours for the contract period has been satisfied, the employee is transferred to your payroll with no conversion fee. Contract-to-hire staffing solutions from Lexicon Solutions offer you a low cost way to train potential employees and ensure that they are a good fit within your organization before hiring them full time. Through an extensive interview and screening process, we will choose the best candidates for your businesses needs.

Contract-to-Hire Services Include:

  • Locate and screen potential candidates.
  • Prescreen and interview.
  • Conduct reference checks.
  • Evaluate technical and personal quality.
  • Select top candidates and present them.
  • Coordinate all potential travel associated with in person interviews.
  • Once a candidate has been selected we provide pre-employment drug screening, administer an in-depth national background check, and provide social security verification.  We can also offer credit checks upon request.
  • Provide weekly payroll to contract employee.
  • Carry all necessary insurance associated with employment.
  • If the candidate is not working out or if position has been eliminated, Lexicon will terminate the employee and find a replacement free of charge.