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contract staffing

The utilization of contract staffing is one of the best ways to fulfill project based requirements on short notice with a fixed cost. Contract staffing offers a unique way for businesses to bring in specialized talent without committing to hiring a full-time employee, lowering your business’s long-term risk and expenses for project based needs.

Contract Staffing Services Include:

  • Locate and screen potential candidates.
  • Prescreen and interview.
  • Conduct reference checks.
  • Evaluate technical and personal quality.
  • Select top candidates and present them.
  • Coordinate all potential travel associated with in person interviews.
  • Once a candidate has been selected we provide pre-employment drug screening, administer an in-depth national background check, and provide social security verification.  We can also offer credit checks upon request.
  • Provide weekly payroll to contract employee.
  • Carry all necessary insurance associated with employment.
  • Terminate employment once the assignment has been completed.