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Lexicon Solutions adheres to a formal in-depth
screening process that assures quality.

We know your time is valuable, and that is why Lexicon Solutions strives to provide you with quality over quantity. How much time have you wasted sifting through resumes, taking time out of your schedule to interview candidates who look great on paper but just don’t measure up?

Our employment screening process provides you with candidates that not only have the right skill set, but who also have the right personality to fit into your company culture. We make every effort to understand your needs and to provide the RIGHT candidate, not just ANY candidate.

Lexicon Solutions has a very efficient screening process that will save you time and money, while giving you piece of mind that your company is staffed with the best possible talent. We work hard to understand our clients’ business, and we take the time to get to know the candidates we work with. Whether it's career counseling, resume development, or just meeting to discuss the job market, our recruiters mission is to create a lasting partnership with every job seeker.

1) resume search

Using a state of the art database, Lexicon Solutions recruiters maintain and update the numerous skill sets of potential candidates. We know what qualifications to look for and we efficiently find the best candidate for your hiring need.

2) Pre-Screen interviews:

Our recruiting personnel conduct pre-screen interviews with all potential candidates ensuring that we find candidates with the highest qualifications. Pre-screening is an essential part of our interviewing process.

3) reference checks:

The self-attested skill sets of the potential candidates are ultimately confirmed through managerial references and skill tests (if applicable). Special consideration is given to ensure that the former managers of a potential candidate attest only to the skills they directly witnessed throughout the course of their professional association with the potential candidate.

4) in-depth screening:

After locating a qualified candidate, evaluating the skills and background and reaching the basic agreement on the assignment, the candidate is then invited to a face to face interview with Lexicon Solutions.

5) Background Checks* / Drug Testing* / Fingerprinting (available upon request):

Social Search with Residency History is performed to match the actual Social Security number to the applicant’s name and accurately cross check where our applicant has resided for the past seven years. It is not uncommon for applicants to provide inaccurate information on the residency history in hopes of avoiding a criminal check within certain counties.

Wants and Warrants Search Nationwide is also performed on all of our applicants to reveal individuals attempting to avoid consequences for their actions by relocation. Applicants that for some reason failed to show for a scheduled court hearing will not actually have a Felony Court Record within that jurisdiction and due to their relocation may feel they have avoided prosecution. Our Wants and Warrants search eliminated any doubts that there may have been pending concerns within any US jurisdiction.

Felony Criminal Search is performed on all applicants within the counties they have resided in the past seven years.