Our Services

Professional Placement

Professional Placement gives you the flexibility of allowing us to do all the work involved with hiring a new employee for your organization. 

Lexicon Solutions identifies and recruits qualified candidates for your full time staffing needs. Placement fees are 100% contingent upon the client finding and hiring an acceptable candidate, and the arrangement includes a guarantee period.  Our Professional Placement Guarantee is prorated within a 90 day period. If you are not completely satisfied with the candidate that you have hired within a 90 day period, Lexicon will find a replacement at no extra charge. In the rare event that a replacement can’t be found, Lexicon will refund the prorated amount of the placement fee. At Lexicon Solutions, finding you the perfect fit for your company is not only our goal, but it’s our guarantee.

Lexicon Solutions Services include :

  • Locate and screen potential candidates.
  • Prescreening and interviewing of qualified employment candidates.
  • Conduct reference checks for qualified employment candidates.
  • Evaluate technical and personal quality of potential employment candidates.
  • Select top candidates and present them to your organization.
  • Coordinate all potential travel associated with in-person interviews.
  • Once a candidate has been selected we manage pre-employment drug screening, administer an in-depth national background check, and provide social security verification.  We can also offer credit checks upon request.

To learn more about how Lexicon Solutions will assist you in finding top talent, please contact us. One of our Account Managers will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.