The Lexicon Difference

Benefits of staffing

Great people are the key to any organization. Finding the people is a time-consuming and exhaustive process. Countless hours can be spent reviewing resumés and scheduling interviews.  Not to mention the effort that goes into training and retaining employees. With an abundance of potential candidates searching for jobs the hiring process is getting even more time consuming and can call for your full attention. With more work to be done and less time to do it in, companies like yours are looking for faster, easier and reliable options to assist with the complicated hiring process. More and more companies are discovering that outsourcing the hiring process gives them time to focus on what they do best.

How Lexicon Solutions Positively Contributes to Your Bottom Line

Sourcing, screening and qualifying potential candidates is imperative to any organization’s success. Let our experts do the work for you so you can focus on bettering your organizations bottom line.

Save Money :

Lexicon Solutions takes care of the financial burden associated with recruiting top talent. We will recruit only the best talent for your organization. We do this by screening and conducting background checks on all qualified candidates. Additionally, Lexicon Solutions can provide value to your organization by managing the payroll functions of newly hired employees. We will handle the burden of all required employment taxes, liability and workers compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance while also providing an industry leading comprehensive benefits package to all of our contract employees.

Save Time :

Much of a company's time and effort is spent in trying to reduce the employee turnover rate. Using Lexicon Solutions consultants on a contract to hire basis offers you added security and allows you to evaluate their performance before hiring them on to your own payroll. You have time and money invested into your employees, wouldn’t it be nice to know who you’re hiring before you become invested in them?

Scalability :

A scalable workforce enables your business to become more agile and better adept during uncertain economic times, when you have project based work, or if there is a seasonal workload increase. Outsourcing your staffing needs allows you to easily scale your organization to meet these changing needs. Lexicon Solutions provides you with the flexibility to hire consultants with relatively short notice for project based needs, without making a commitment to full time employees.  Giving your company the flexibility to downsize when the projects needs are met.

Predictable Cost :

Predictability of costs in any economy is a plus! Lexicon Solutions’ consultants work on an hourly basis, giving you the ability to accurately predict the cost of labor for your project. Regardless of if your company is growing or downsizing, Lexicon Solutions can provide you with predicable and manageable staffing solutions that are sure to fit your needs.

Versatility :

Lexicon Solutions provides you with consultants that match your exact requirements across virtually every industry. Based on our experience, as companies grow they have a broad range of staffing needs. Let us become your long-term staffing partner today!

Are you ready to learn how Lexicon Solutions will help grow your bottom line and provide high quality employees for your organization? Contact a Lexicon Solutions representative today!